This effort is aimed at making used (but still serviceable) clubs available to children who have a desire to learn and to play golf, but cannot afford the equipment. Clubs for Kids is designed to put a club in the hands of the children. As you may know, children who walk away from an instruction clinic with a golf club of their own are much more likely to use it for playing either in the backyard or on the golf range for playing and to solidify their interest in the game. 

The program's context is to encourage golfers to donate their used clubs (& bags) and receive a tax credit entirely acceptable to the IRS, for the appraised value. Not only this, but they will be helping a needy and worthy child obtain equipment. The donated clubs are shortened, registered and distributed by the Heart of Ohio Junior Golf Association Program. 

The clubs will be given to the child at the beginning of each season and registered in their name at a cost of $2.00. At the Awards Banquet the clubs are to be returned. The $2.00 is returned to the child upon return of the clubs in good condition. If the child cannot afford this fee, it may be waived at the discretion of the Association. 

The main objective, again, is to get a club in the hands of the youth of the Heart of Ohio area who are interested in learning to play golf. .. a game for life. 

Clubs may be dropped at the following golf shops: 

Miracle Driving Range; 1984 Smeltzer Rd.; Marion, Ohio

Marion Country Club; 2415 Crissinger Road; Marion, Ohio

Kings Mill Golf Course; 2500 Berringer Road; Waldo, Ohio

Green Acres Golf Course; 3594 Gooding Road; Marion, Ohio

Whetstone Golf Club; 5211 Marion-Mt. Gilead Road; Caledonia, Ohio 

Clubs available through Clubs for Kids Program-Cost: H.O.J.G.A. $5.00 Membership Fee, plus $2.00 Club Fee.